Pulley Pendant Light FixtureIf you like the industrial lighting trend but your home decor has more of a modern feel, check out this pulley pendant lamp. It combines modern with industrial to create a unique, elegant light fixture.

Why Do I Like this Lamp?

Unlike other trendy industrial lighting options, this pulley pendant light fixture blends well with many different design genres. It has a very simple design and won’t quickly go out of style.

In fact, you can easily switch out the style of the bulb to create an entirely new lamp appearance in minutes. Maybe even seconds!

For example, an Edison-type bulb will transform the pendant into a vintage-style light fixture.

On the other hand, a bright LED Globe light bulb gives the room a more contemporary or modern atmosphere.

The glass lamp shade provides a key feature here. It enables you to see the bulb, thus you can easily change the style of the pendant. Plus, the clear glass enables the lamp to disperse more light throughout the room.

Pulley Pendant Light Measurements

This Light Fixture Also Offers More Value

Because it is more versatile, this pendant light gives you a better value for your money. Not to mention, it looks expensive and can instantly upgrade the look of a space.

On top of that, this hanging light fixture is budget-friendly. It only costs about $100, and this makes me an even bigger fan.

Pulley Pendant Light Fixture Package Specs:

  • Dimensions: 22.5″ – 65.25″ Tall x 11″ wide
  • Cord Length: 7 Feet, Adjustable
  • Lamp Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Lamp Shade: Clear Glass
  • Bulb: uses 1 60-watt bulb (not included)
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Product #: IPL574A01ORB
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Here are more ideas for creating your own pulley pendant lamps:


Why I Like the Industrial Pulley Pendant Light Fixture