Averill Park Caged Wall SconceWhether you are trying to add style and character to the exterior of your home or you want to illuminate a porch, deck or patio, outdoor light fixtures can add a lot of functionality and style without breaking your wallet.

Barn lights, wall sconces, vintage pendant lighting and industrial string lights can all add to the rustic appeal of a home or transform the look to a more modern, sophisticated design.

Many times, homeowners will focus on the walls and areas of the home that face the street, such as the front entry, garage doors and/or a gate or walkway. In most cases, you don’t need to purchase a lot of fixtures to achieve the industrial look you are going for.

Typically, these fixtures are made of galvanized metal and come in natural tones like oiled bronze, copper or olive. However, they can easily be painted an accent color to the exterior of your home to stand out and create a custom look.

Industrial Cage Sconces by Front Door
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The first step is to make a plan that includes all of the fixtures you will need. Doorways, walkways, gates and outdoor seating areas are usually the primary focus. In general, these lamps should all match in color and style – but not necessarily in size or design.

A nice advantage to using industrial light fixtures is that they can create ambiance all on their own. Your home does not have to look like a warehouse, loft or barn. Of course, industrial style outdoor furnishings and decor (like exposed brick, recycled wood, etc..) can only help enhance the look.

They don’t have to be large either. Two smaller sconces positioned on either side of a front door can add plenty of style and illumination without costing a lot of money.

Remember, structures like barns, warehouses and lofts traditionally were not accessorized with lots of fixtures and furnishings. In fact, they are quite minimal in design.

Outdoor Barn Lights Provide Simple Style

Garage Barn Lights
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As you can see, a set of urban barn outdoor wall lights can add character around front-facing garage doors – which would otherwise be dull and boring. Talk about an easy way to add some curb appeal to a home!

But these rustic barn lamps are not limited to just garage doors. Their large rims and reflective underside made them ideal for lighting entryways, back doors and even outdoor living rooms. Heck, they even look great indoors too.

But what if you are an apartment dweller, or you don’t want to permanently hardwire electrical fixtures to your home? No problem. There are plenty of industrial string lights to choose from.

What you may not know is that the commercial version of string lights are much larger and brighter than your regular holiday tree lights.

Or Try Industrial Edison Bulb String Lights

Industrial String Lights
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They actually have fewer bulbs per yard so they aren’t so overwhelming even though they produce a significant amount of brightness. They cost more too, but that is expected, since we can use them as lamps rather than just decoration.

Some have the designer “Edison bulb” look like these outdoor commercial string lights, while others come as a string of miniature wire-cage lanterns like these metal cage lantern lights.

In either case, you can add plenty of light to a walkway, porch, deck or garden and avoid having to pay an electrician to hardwire your new lights. See more creative ideas. The money saved can go to purchasing more industrial outdoor lighting – or throwing a garden party!

Note:Watch this first. The secrets to properly installing outdoor industrial string lights: