Industrial 3-Light Pendant for Kitchen Islands

The Cost-Saving Industrial Lamp

Do you need bright task lighting over your kitchen island – without having to buy multiple pendant lights? This industrial 3-light pendant lamp from Globe Electric can illuminate a large countertop, yet it won’t cost you a lot of money.

In addition, you only need to install one light fixture. You still get the brightness of 3 pendant lamps. This lamp may end up saving you more money (and installation time!) than you think.

Pendant Lamp Bulb Close-Up

Get a Brighter Light… that You Can Also Dim

This industrial style lamp features a vintage-looking oil-rubbed bronze shade. However, the shade does not cover or dim the brightness of the bulb. The smaller-sized shade gives the pendant style while allowing the bulbs to give off a lot of light.

The clear glass shades show off Edison bulbs nicely. The have a unique A-frame shape, yet they are subtle enough not to detract from the vintage-looking Edison bulbs.

That said, you can use any style of lightbulb that you like. And yes, you can dim the lights to adjust the light level to your liking.

Furthermore, you can adjust the length of the metal hanging rod to get the exact height that you want. A lower-hanging pendant can make the space feel more cozy, while one that hangs higher up can shine more light throughout the room.

Want to Save Money Lighting More than 1 Room?

As I mentioned above, this industrial 3-pendant light fits perfectly over kitchen islands. In addition, you can use it above a bar, a pool table or in a dining room.

Industrial 3-Light Pendant Specs:

About the company: Globe Electric calls themselves “The Creative Comany” and they are known for building innovative products. They have designed and manufactured lighting products since 1932.

Industrial 3-Light Pendant Shines Bright at a Low Price