Vintage lights are a popular type of home decor right now. Chicken wire lampshades make lighting easy and affordable, plus you can make these industrial-style light fixtures yourself!

DIY Mason Jar Lamp Using Chicken Wire Lampshade, Edison Bulb, Light Kit and Mason Jar

Below, I show you 3 ways you can do this:

  • Table Lamp
  • Pulley Light
  • Pendant Light Chandelier

1. Chicken Wire Lamp:

A. Get the Lampshade

Chicken Wire Lampshade with Bulb Clip-OpFirst of all, you will need a chicken wire lampshade. You can buy one here (already made), or you can make your own using lamp shade rings and chicken wire. Alternatively, you could get a chicken wire basket and also save money.

Where to Buy Chicken Wire: I think the best source is your local home improvement store, where you can buy a roll of poultry netting (chicken wire) for about $7. Plus, with that amount, you can make plenty of shades!

By making your own, you can save money. However, the pre-made shade (8″ x 8″ x 7.5″) includes a clip that attaches to the light bulb.

Mason Jar Light Kit for Making Vintage Style Lamps
B. Make a Lamp Base

Second, build the lamp base using a large mason jar and a mason jar lamp adapter.

Note: This adapter fits a standard-sized mouth, so don’t use a wide-mouth jar.

C. Get an Edison Light Bulb + Mason Jar

This adapter kit makes this DIY project easy because you will only need 2 other items: an Edison Bulb and a mason jar. That is, unless you already have these things.

Note: There are 2 ways you can save money on bulbs. (1) buy multi-packs or (2) get LED Edison bulbs that use less energy and last longer (again opt for multi-packs).

Keep in mind that you can create a customized look with spray paint. For example, use a flat matte black color, go metallic like copper or create a bronze-brown color.

2. Pulley Wall Lamp

Metal Lamp Pulley for Making Industrial-Style Wall Lamps with Edison BulbsIf you want to create a bedside lamp or need desk lighting, you can make an industrial-looking wall lamp with a wall mount pulley.

Then, you can use a chicken wire pendant light kit to thread through the pulley and finish the light. The kit includes a plug that goes into any standard outlet, so you don’t have to do any fancy wiring.

Note: the pulley sticks out 5″ from the wall, so don’t use or make a shade that has a diameter larger than 10″. The above kit has a 10″ shade.

3. Chicken Wire Pendant Light

A chicken wire lamp makes a great ceiling light over a kitchen island. Not only are these fixtures cool to look at, the wire allows the bulbs to illuminate the room better.

Chicken Wire Pendant Light Complete with Lampshade, Cord and PlugTo start, get the pendant kit that we used in the pulley lamp. The cord measures 15 feet long, so this is plenty long enough for most situations.

Next, get ceiling hooks to attach the wire to the ceiling. Since the wire lampshade weighs very little (only about 2 lbs), you can get away without having to buy a chain to hang the lamp.

TIP: If you want to conceal the exposed wire, spray paint the cord white or use a cord cover kit.


Chicken Wire Lampshade – 3 Ways to Make a Vintage Lamp