Vintage Cage LightCage pendant lights offer classic industrial style to any space, whether you use them in a kitchen, a dining room or even outdoors. They have a vintage appeal (and for those who appreciate shabby chic decor), but they also work very well in modern lofts or contemporary dwellings.

Although wire cage lamps are a hot trend in today’s interior decorating market, their classic design also ensures that they will not quickly go out of style. This is another big advantage to using industrial decor in one’s home.

Vintage Green Barn LightMany industrial cage hanging lights have a metal “lid” or top which provide more structure to the lamp – but they are also ideal for outdoor use where wind, rain and snow can be a factor.

In fact, most industrial lighting is very durable because they are designed for indoor or outdoor use. Some are painted with powder-coated finish that makes them rust-proof (although we probably wouldn’t mind the look of a rust-covered lantern…)

Keep in mind that these types of fixtures are easy and cheap to paint any color you like. Don’t assume that you are limited to certain colors. A bright, colorful and glossy finish can turn a cage lamp into statement piece. Just make sure to use paint for metal surfaces.


Speaking of adding a more finished look to an industrial lamp…

Designers Edge Modern Farm LightWhile most of these lamps have a rustic, weathered or industrial look, there are more modern versions that offer a “cleaner”, lighter look as well.

For example, Designers Edge makes a light gray pendant lamp that includes a reflector which helps the lamp give off more light and illuminate a larger space.

Typically, you might see these on a barn, a warehouse, a beach cottage, a log cabin or a ranch. If you want to create this type of relaxed, rustic feel in (or outside) your home, this style of cage pendant light provides the ambiance you want.


On the other hand…

Industrial Barn Lights in a LoftYou can forego the lid or even get a light bulb cage separately which you can attach around the bulb. Since this lamp style exposes the bulb to the elements, it’s meant to be used indoors, and many lamps actually resemble a work of art.

Cluster a few together for a unique centerpiece. Instead, you could get a set that contains multiple lights yet only needs to be hardwired once.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths. As long as the frames are the same color and style they will not look out of place.

Be different with Your Industrial Lighting Choices!

Hive Light-in-Box LampIf you want something a little different, check out something like the LightInTheBox Hive Pendant. It’s industrial yet modern at the same time. This pendant is subtly unexpected and attracts attention in a curious way.

It carries a more sophisticated look. So, if you need lighting for a formal space like a living room, office entry, etc.., the Hive may work out perfectly.

Note: Another key feature that I really like about cage lights is that they don’t have glass. They weigh less, install more easily, more more durable and, of course, they cost less.


Mini Pendant Cage LightsMini pendant cage lights are versatile, inexpensive, and you can use them pretty much anywhere. They have the basic, simple design with an oil-brushed bronze finish that most of us associate with cage lights.

I like this smaller version because they provide an easy way to match all of your lighting without much effort. They make great task lighting in a kitchen, office or den as well – plus they only cost about $30 each.

Note: The maximum wattage per lamp is 60 watts, so it’s best to use them in multiples or accent lights or areas that don’t require bright light. That said, since they don’t have shades, expect that they will appear brighter than your typical 60-watt light.

Here are more ideas on industrial pendant lighting fixtures for your home, including cage versions, metal dome, Edison bulb and other styles…

As you can see, unique lighting, distinct wall fixtures or other custom home decor accessories can make an otherwise bland space look sophisticated with a designer feel. Sarah Kaiser sells inexpensive convertible futons for the loft-style crowd. She says that spending less money on basic contemporary furniture gives shoppers more money to play with when it comes to decorating such as lamps. “You get a higher-quality look, and you can spend less money at the same time.”