Aero Snail Pendant Lamp: The Good and the Bad

What I Like About It…

Get More Light

2 Aero Snail Industrial Pendant LightsThe Aero Snail pendant light has a modern yet industrial style lamp shade that also displays more light.

The back metal rings let the light shine through, providing more light than a traditional lamp shade. However, you get more of a “contained” and finished look than other fixtures that feature a hanging Edison bulb all by itself.

These pendant lights are designed as “down lights”, so they make great task lighting. Use them over kitchen islands, bars, pool tables, etc.. They also look great in pairs over bed night stands, in living rooms or entryways.

You Can Save More Money

Aero Snail Hanging Pendant LampBecause this lamp gives off more light, you can buy fewer pendants to illuminate a space.

In addition, this fixture is fairly inexpensive when compared to other pendant lamps. It only costs $30. That price is hard to pass up.

That said, I should not get ahead of myself, because this vintage light usually costs over $100. Currently, the sale price is significantly lower than usual. However, I don’t know how low the sale will last.

You Get a Free Edison Bulb

I rarely see a vintage or industrial light fixture that actually includes a fancy Edison light bulb as part of the package. Well, this package DOES include the bulb. Bonus!

If you have ever whopped for Edison-style bulbs, you know that they cost significantly more than regular incandescent or led bulbs. Sometimes upwards of $7 or $8. Getting a “free” one is a big deal.

What I Don’t Like About It…

This “vintage” pendant actually seems more modern-looking to me (apart from the bulb). In fact, it has a somewhat generic-feel to it. If you are going for that antique look, this light may not be your best choice.

It also has to be hard wired. You’ll need to hire an electrician or do the electrical work yourself. You can’t simply plug it into a wall outlet. I think that would have been a key selling point with this fixture.

Aero Snail Light Fixture Specs:

Aero Snail Light Fixture

  • Dimensions: 5.5″ Tall x 4″ Diameter
  • Lamp Base (that attaches to ceiling): 4.7″ diameter
  • Cord Length: 35.5″ long, Adjustable
  • Material: Metal, Black
  • Hard Wired
  • Voltage: 110V-120V
  • Edison Bulb Included (E26)


Aero Snail Vintage Industrial Light – Pros & Cons…
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